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    ‘Prayers & Offerings’ Articles

    Lessons from Hajj

    For Hajj are the months well known. If anyone undertakes that duty therein let there be no obscenity or wickedness nor wrangling in the Hajj. And whatever good you do Allah knows it. And take a [Continue Reading...]

    Lessons from the story of Ibrahim (A.S.)

    Abul al an’biya (father of the Prophets min al ulil Adham min arusl) Ibrahim (A.S.). Ibrahim who was mentioned in 73 places in the Quran. In 25 Surahs of the book of Allah. Ibrahim, was born in [Continue Reading...]

    Various Daily Routine Dua’s (Prayers)

    Daily du’a In Personal Life   When beginning a meal Allahumma barik lana fima razaqtana waqina athaban-nar. Bismillah. O Allah! Bless (the food) You provided us and save us from the [Continue Reading...]

    All About Ramadan / Ramazan: The Month of Fasting & Eid

    All About Ramadan / Ramazan: The Month of Fasting & Eid

    A comprehensive article discussing the virtues of Ramadan Kareem (Ramazan/Ramzan), fasting, categories of fasting, moon sighting, ruling on sighting of the moon, sehri (sehr/sehar) iftar [Continue Reading...]

    Loyalty and Obedience to God

    The Qur’an gives a detailed account of human nature. All the corruption and indecent personality traits of unbelievers are mentioned as well as the attributes of believers. The attributes of [Continue Reading...]

    Praying for Forgiveness and Repentance

     All through their lives, certain people pursue a flawless image for themselves. Their efforts center around one goal: to be perfect and to look perfect. This is a natural consequence of finding it [Continue Reading...]

    The Muslim Soul

    While he is taking care of his physical and mental needs, the true Muslim does not forget that he is not comprised only of a body and mind, but he also has a passionate, yearning soul whose higher [Continue Reading...]

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